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Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy

What is trauma-informed therapy?

People think of natural disasters, wars, or accidents when we talk about trauma. However, many people come into my practice for the less well-known, but more pervasive type of trauma -- it is called Developmental, Childhood, or Complex Trauma.

People with complex trauma may be experiencing multiple medical problems, chronic sadness, anxiety, or difficulty developing close relationships. They may also be feeling removed from the world or from themselves.

In some way, these symptoms are our psyches and bodies protecting us from early dangers. They are adaptive strategies that once served us, for example when we were small and vulnerable.

Maybe these strategies (patterns) have become problematic in the context of our life today, now that we are adults and no longer in the same danger.

With curiosity, time, and self-compassion, we can get to know and and become more aware of our unconscious strategies, and make conscious choices.

Through our counseling, we will identify your symptoms, how they formed, when they get triggered, and the new alternatives you can adopt to experience greater freedom in your life.

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