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Trauma-informed Holistic Counseling

What is trauma-informed therapy?

People think of natural disasters, wars, or accidents when we talk about trauma.  However, many people come into my practice for the less well-known, but more pervasive type of trauma -- it is called Developmental, Childhood, or Complex Trauma. 

People with complex trauma may be experiencing multiple medical problems, chronic sadness, anxiety, or difficulty developing close relationships.  They may also be feeling removed from the world or from themselves. 

In some way, these symptoms are our psyches and bodies protecting us from early dangers.  They are adaptive strategies that once served us, for example when we were small and vulnerable. 

Maybe these strategies (patterns) have become problematic in the context of our life today, now that we are adults and no longer in the same danger. 

With curiosity, time, and self-compassion, we can get to know and and become more aware of our unconscious strategies, and make conscious choices.

Through our counseling, we will identify your symptoms, how they formed, when they get triggered, and the new alternatives you can adopt to experience greater freedom in your life.


What are the therapeutic modalities offered?


EMDR and IFS are very helpful for self-inquiry and trauma healing. They have somatic emphasis and can help us reintegrate fragmented parts of ourselves.


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
helps a person identify and reframe disturbing memories in more adaptive ways. Once digested in this way, memories are reintegrated without the same emotional charges and they lose the type of hold they once have.  It is especially helpful with single-incident traumas such as a car accident, but can also be used to process childhood and

complex trauma. 

IFS (Internal Family System)
honors the unique parts or sub-personalities inside of all of us.  Some parts hold painful memories while other are forced into extreme roles to keep us from feeling hurts and remembering traumas. Untouched by time and events is the core of the person (Self) that can heal all of one's parts when accessed. IFS is also a helpful framework to do shadow and spiritual work. Intuitive drawing can be used.


   EMDR & IFS   

Combining these two healing modalities can be helpful and seamless;

"Protective parts" may unconsciously/automatically block us from looking at trauma in an EMDR process (i.e. client gets overwhelmed or feels nothing).
We can bring this to awareness and take time to understand and possibly heal the protective parts first
 (an IFS intervention).
"Going slow is going fast
 in trauma healing."

Since activating both sides of the brain via "bilateral stimulation" can enhance learning and update our neurobiology/neuropaths, we can tap both sides of the body (an EMDR intervention) during IFS parts work.  


Half-day Intensives
are offered via secure video meetings.
Format will be a customized combination of IFS and/or EMDR.

These deep dive sessions work well to help you resolve
a single key issue that that's causing you.
Clients often feel lasting relief without a return visit. 

Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation
to see if this is a good fit for you. 

Only Intensives are available at this time for new clients.
There are no openings for hourly individual counseling sessions 
for new clients
(updated June




Professional Consultations

30 -90 mins consultations are available
if you would like to breathe some space into a client case,
or if you yourself would like to receive a IFS or EMDR session
to help you integrate your training and learning.


Thank you for your interest!



I was born in Hong Kong, immigrated to NYC at the age of 7, earned my Masters in Social Work at Hunter College NYC (1999), a resident of San Francisco most of my life, and getting ready to move to Nevada and Mexico soon.

I'm certified in IFS (Internal Family System) therapy and have completed level 2 trainings for IFS, EMDR, and IFS-Informed EMDR therapies.


My clients would describe my approach as gentle, empathetic, and practical.  There will be interaction, dialogue, and laughter.  I will provide reflections and feedback when helpful. 

One of my desires is to help people increase their self-awareness.  It is in our awareness that we begin to have choices instead of acting out unconscious social conditioning/programming/learned behavior.  As such, I'm also committed in doing my own growth work to transmute my own shadows/woundings to become most present in my work with others.

kim fort funston 2023.jpeg

"Working with Kim allowed me to move past some old blockages I had struggled to get past through techniques such as meditation and journaling. I feel more calm and centered within myself, and previous triggers don't affect me the same way. Most importantly, I feel more love for myself and enjoy closer relationships. I'm eternally grateful for Kim's support during my healing journey!" -AC (former client) “I never knew that a therapist like Kim existed until I found her. Each time I arrive to a session, she weaves together the magic of a variety of different healing modalities in such an intuitive, validating, and compassionate way, all the while supporting me wherever I’m at. I always leave a session feeling seen, heard, and completely held. Working with her has transformed the way I think about myself, my journey, and about our capacity to heal as human beings. Thank you, Kim!" -AP “I’ve been working with Kim since 2016. At the time, I was transitioning into a new phase in my career, working through the multiple challenges experienced when living as a “perfectionist in recovery,” and managing difficult relationships with my given family. My work with Kim has been most healing. She has helped me develop tools to not only accept my whole Self, but inspired me to appreciate and live into the totality of who I am. As a result, I live more authentically and grounded by a deeper sense of self-empowerment. I also practice more self-awareness, compassion, and understanding in my daily life. I feel very safe and trusting in Kim’s space because she is so thoughtful, heart/mindful, and empathetic. I especially appreciate her holistic approach and focus on IFS. Kim’s style is infused with compassion, patience, and depth. During our sessions, we also find time for humor, laughter, and joy. I’m always happy to refer Kim to those interested in deep inner work and healing for a benefit to themselves and others.” -J (former client) “Kim is the best therapist I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She is everything I was looking for in a therapist and more - kind, empathetic, trusting and a great listener. For me, one of Kim’s gifts was holding space for the emotions I was too awkward or incapable of expressing. She was a grounding and calm presence that allowed me to learn more about myself and make changes in my life. Kim also facilitated IFS during our sessions. And I always felt safe with her while she led me through imaginative exercises to work with my parts. She was always tender with my parts, and helped me understand which parts of me needed to relax. I highly recommend Kim to anyone who is looking for a therapist!” -K (former client) "I initially began working with Kim because of her wholistic integrative mind-body approach which was very fitting for me. I was dealing with an extremely complex personal situation that no one had been able to figure out for many years. Kim had a phenomenal ability to deeply listen, to pick up on missed and neglected aspects of the situation and of me, to generously provide resources and connections, and to partner with me to find my truth, my strength, and solutions. I especially appreciate her remarkable authenticity and directness, always offered with gentleness, heart, empathy, and compassion. She subsequently helped me break through what was seemingly insurmountable paralysis and avoidance so that I could accomplish my goals of proactively responding to the very difficult personal situation. The ongoing sense of empowerment and freedom that I feel from my work with Kim is priceless." -L (former client)



Kim Tsui, LCSW

Tel: 415-295-2775

Fax: 415-592-9975

Contact @

Sessions are available via phone or online at

State licenses: CA 24764; NV 10719-C

304 S. Jones Blvd, #7676
Las Vegas, NV 89107

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