What are the therapeutic modalities offered?

EMDR and IFS are very helpful for self-inquiry and trauma healing.
They have somatic emphasis and can help us reintegrate fragmented parts of ourselves.


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) helps a person identify and reframe disturbing memories in more adaptive ways. Once digested in this way, memories are reintegrated without the same emotional charges and they lose the type of hold they once have. It is especially helpful with single-incident traumas such as a car accident, but can also be used to process childhood and complex trauma. 


IFS (Internal Family System) honors the unique parts or sub-personalities inside of all of us. Some parts hold painful memories while other are forced into extreme roles to keep us from feeling hurts and remembering traumas. Untouched by time and events is the core of the person (Self) that can heal all of one's parts when accessed. IFS is also a helpful framework to do shadow and spiritual work. Intuitive drawing can be used.

Combining EMDR & IFS

Combining these two healing modalities can be helpful and seamless.

"Protective parts" may unconsciously/automatically block us from looking at trauma in an EMDR process (i.e. client gets overwhelmed or feels nothing).
We can bring this to awareness and take time to understand and possibly heal the protective parts first (an IFS intervention).
"Going slow is going fast in trauma healing."

Since activating both sides of the brain via "bilateral stimulation" can enhance learning and update our neurobiology/neuropaths, we can tap both sides of the body (an EMDR intervention) during IFS parts work. 

Individual Clients

Half-day Intensives are offered via secure video meetings
Format will be a customized combination of IFS and/or EMDR


These deep dive sessions work well to help you resolve
a single key issue that that's causing you to feel stuck.
Clients often feel lasting relief without a return visit.

Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation
to see if this is a good fit for you.

Only Intensives are available at this time for new clients.
There are no openings for hourly individual counseling sessions for new clients.
(updated July 2023)

Professional Consultations

30 -90 mins consultations

For psychotherapists and helping professionals wanting to breathe some space into a client case,
or to receive a IFS or EMDR session to help you integrate your training and learning.

Thank you for your interest!

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